Supreme Solutions is a Total Solution Provider for all the office automation and Security Systems requirements of its customers.

Our business policy includes providing effective solutions to clients by paying special attentions to the suggestions and complaints of individual customer. We endeavor to raise the bars of Client satisfaction and therefore, put in our assiduous efforts in every task.

we believe in providing the best solution for every problem. That means we will take every step and every precaution to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your work environment and your financial needs, then work to find the most effective and affordable solution to your workflow inefficiencies.

To ensure top-notch quality and achieve customer satisfaction, all our quality machines come with exceptional "after the sale" service provided by highly experienced service technicians and customer sales staff.

We at Supreme Solutions, have thrived towards providing solutions that meets the customer demands. The turn key solutions with tailor made products and services have made us a synonymous brand in the field of Biometrics. Since Biometrics, we have diversified widely in providing solutions across the entire verticals in the security industry.

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Mobile and Desktop
SS 2000
  • Counting Speed - 1500pcs/min
  • New, Intelligent & Mix Modes
  • Fake Note Detecting - UV/MG/IR/3D
  • Hopper Capacity - 150 Pcs
  • Stacker Capacity - 150 Pcs
  • Colour - White + Black
  • Display - 3 Display
  • Mix Note Counting & Fake Detection.

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BP 85T
  • Small and compact
  • Thermal printing for faster printing with inbuilt battery back-up
  • Upload and download data through usb pen drive and serialport
  • Gives daily, monthly, yearly and item wise sales report

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SF-4000 HD
  • Shredding -- 20 or 25 Sheets
  • Shred Size -- 8 mm or 12 mm
  • Entry Width -- 400 mm
  • Basket Volume -- 150 lts
  • Continuous Running 3-4 hrs
  • Dimensions (in mm) -- 850 x 650 x 100
  • Start Stop -- Manual

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